ReferralExchange and NAR Partner to Increase Agent’s Lead Flow Quality

ReferralExchange has begun a partnership and begun offering its LIVE Product as a part of the the National Association of Realtor’s Realtor Benefits Program.

As a part of the Benefits Program, this partnership will feature NAR agents access to ReferralExchange’s LIVE product and at a discounted rate of $395, compared to the regular price of $995 for non-NAR agents. Currently, over 16,000 agents across the United States use LIVE.

LIVE serves agents primarily as a vetting source for an agent’s leads, utilizing a mix of proprietary technology and highly skilled, licensed team members to screen as agent’s prospects and determine their readiness to connect with an agent or transact.

If the client’s contact information is accurate and they are ready to connect, the lead is sent back to the agent with a green light. If the lead’s info was incorrect, or they do not wish to connect with an agent at that time, the agent receives a notification that the lead should not be pursued.

ReferralExchange LIVE Product Interface

Parties on both sides of the partnership are confident the partnership will generate new relationships and business opportunities for participating agents. Scott Olsen, ReferralExchanges CEO, stated “Since the majority of the 140,000 real estate agents in our broader agent network are already Realtors, we’re excited to officially offer our Live service through NAR’s Realtor Benefits Program”. NAR CEO Bob Goldberg also shared that “We are excited to announce a partnership with ReferralExchange, which will allow agents to focus more time serving clients and building the relationships necessary to drive their businesses while ensuring they are maximizing lead verification investments.”

For more information about or to sign up for ReferralExchanges LIVE service, click this link.

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