PRIME Webinar Series- ReferralExchange 101

As a part of the ReferralExchange PRIME experience, we are very excited to launch our PRIME Webinar Series. These webinars, though all unique in nature, will provide our agents with approachable, informative, and insightful information about topics that will help maximize success with ReferralExchange.

The ReferralExchange Team wanted our first session to focus on different aspects of the leads we provide. We start by reviewing of our core consumer experience (including how we secure leads), explain our qualification processes, then explore how our matching technologies work, and finally provide some best practices to enhance our partnership.

While some of this information may initially sound familiar, this level of depth and explanation has not previously been provided to agents within our network. The recording of the session is below and runs approximately one hour in length, including 20 minutes of questions and answers between panelists and participants who were live in the session.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about items addressed in the session please reach out directly to your Agent Advocate.

As the PRIME Webinar Series continues, we want to ensure the content shared is of high value to you. Please let your Agent Advocate know if there is a topic which you would like to have explored or receive additional resources about.

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