PRIME Webinar Series- Capturing Online Leads

As a part of the ReferralExchange PRIME experience, we are very excited to feature the second installment of our PRIME Webinar Series: Capturing Online Leads. These webinars, though all unique in nature, will provide our agents with approachable, informative, and insightful information about topics that will help maximize success with ReferralExchange.

For this session, the ReferralExchange team wanted to continue to leverage our in-house expertise, sharing some of the insights and best practices we have honed over years of capturing online leads. As local experts, the applicability of all shared points during the webinar may vary depending on your local market and ongoing business strategies, so we encourage you consider these points and how they fit into your larger business plan. The session was also designed to equip you with questions that can be applied to optimize your online presence and ability to convert leads into clients- and eventually sales!

The webinar begins by outlining a few specific key concepts to ground general understanding of elements critical to securing online leads, such as the difference between search engine optimization, search engine marketing, capturing a lead, and funneling leads to your capture source. From there, ReferralExchange’s own lead capture mechanism is reviewed, walking through some of its specific design elements and their value. Multiple lead capture concepts are then reviewed, explaining the variety of ways to design an efficient and effective lead capture mechanism. Finally, we explore a few different lead capture options to be used on your own website as well as other factors to consider when integrating online lead capture within your larger strategy. The below recording is approximately one hour long, with the last 10 minutes consisting of questions.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about items addressed in the session please reach out directly to your Agent Advocate.

As the PRIME Webinar Series continues, we want to ensure the content shared is of high value to you. Please let your Agent Advocate know if there is a topic which you would like to have explored or receive additional resources about.

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