This month, Amber and I were able to have a couple awesome conversations with two great folks who are engaging with PRIME everyday: One of our fantastic PRIME Agents as well as a member of the ReferralExchange PRIME Team. First up, Amber has a great talk with Bobby Lawrence and they cover a variety of topics, including Bobby’s predictions for what will be happening with the market and how he manages to get his name in front of new people everyday. Secondly, we both get to have a fantastic conversation with Shawn Smith, who currently serves as a Team Lead on our Agent Advocate Team. While we do cover some of his experience regarding working on PRIME, it is also very much a personal conversation, too.

Following our interview segments, Amber and I provide some other PRIME-related updates, including a brief recap of our most recent webinar and revisit of our new Virtual Contact Cards function!

Click play below to give it a listen!

Click here to download some of the slides from Brian’s Webinar session.

Shawn Smith can be reached via email at

If you would like to be a featured guest on an upcoming episode, or have suggestions for topics to be explored you can either reach out to Amber (, Scott (, or your agent advocate directly.

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