Introducing… Virtual Contact Cards!

The ReferralExchange PRIME team is continuously listening to your feedback and making changes to our system that further enhance your ability to close with our referrals. This approach has led us to developing our latest game-changing innovation: Virtual Contact Cards.

This exclusive new PRIME feature is fundamentally changing the way you are introduced to our leads and how they prepare for your contact. Now, when a lead submits their request with us to be connected with top agents, they will receive a text message that features your Virtual Contact Card.

This Contact Card includes your Name, ReferralExchange Profile Picture, Phone Number, Email Address, and Brokerage Name. When the Virtual Contact Card is clicked, the lead will see the following:

Through this innovation, as a PRIME agent only your Contact Card is delivered. The goal of this new feature is to help further introduce a client to you prior to your reaching out to them. This means that when you initiate contact with them, the client will be more likely to answer your call instead of another agent, making your active outreach even more effective!

If you have any questions or need support setting up your Virtual Contact Card, please contact your Agent Advocate.

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