PRIME Webinar Series – “Trust Building Conversations To Have With Cautious Buyers and Sellers and Systems That Make It Easy”

Happy January everyone! Get excited, because we have another great entry to our PRIME Webinar Series! In this webinar, we bring on Co-Owner of and Professional Certified Coach, Mike Stott! Mike is also a fellow PRIME agent like you, and shares with us his experience with working online leads and with clients in general, including some tips to help connect with and secure that next client.

In the beginning of the session, Mike talks about building trust with today’s client. Then he speaks about what successful agents are doing to close leads, which is part process and part perspective. Mike also introduces us to some great tools to help us keep the perspective we need to close clients, and even shares with us his system for working ReferralExchange leads. A copy of the slide deck is located below the video. Click the video below to watch the entire session:

Slide Deck:

If you’d like to reach out to Mike Stott, or subscribe to his newsletter, you can email him at, or to learn more about signing up for your personal coaching lesson, you can visit his website:

If you have any questions or would like additional information about items addressed in the session, please reach out directly to your Agent Advocate.

As the PRIME Webinar Series continues to develop additional sessions, we want to deliver content that has a high value to you. Please let your Agent Advocate or our PRIME Community Manager Shawn Smith ( know if there is a topic which you would like to have explored in a future session.

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