PRIME Webinar Series – “Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies for Shifting Markets”

Hello again everyone! I am very happy to be bringing back Bernice Ross for another information packed webinar. Bernice is co-owner of and a nationally syndicated columnist, author, trainer, and speaker. Bernice Ross couples her expertise as a Master Certified Coach with over 35 years of sales and leadership experience and brings that all to us in this 60 minutes webinar.

In the beginning of the session, Bernice talks to us about what the clients are going through, and gives us some scripting to break through to them. She then goes over several Lead Generation Strategies, with scripting, and explains in detail what to say and why. During all of this, Bernice is showing us tools that we can use to be better and faster at not only reaching out to clients, but giving them something of substance at the same time. Click the video below to watch the entire session:

Slide Deck:

If you’d like to reach out to Bernice Ross, you can email her at, or to learn more about signing up for your personal coaching lesson, you can visit her website:

If you have any questions or would like additional information about items addressed in the session, please reach out directly to your Agent Advocate.

As the PRIME Webinar Series continues to develop additional sessions, we want to deliver content that has a high value to you. Please let your Agent Advocate or our PRIME Community Manager Shawn Smith ( know if there is a topic which you would like to have explored in a future session.

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