PRIME Webinar Series – “The Five Types of Content Most Likely to Attract Clients” with Bondilyn Jolly

Today marks another entry in our PRIME Webinar series! This time we are joined by Bondilyn Jolly, a highly accomplished marketing expert with a proven track record of driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies. As the Founder and CEO of NMD, Inc., Bondilyn led a marketing agency that served real estate and beyond. Bondilyn also created eMerge, the leading email platform in real estate today.

In this webinar, Bondilyn breaks down the five types of content most likely to attract clients, and helps us understand with examples of each kind. She goes over the different types of outreach that we can take advantage of and encourages us to embrace as much social media as we can to reach the widest audience possibly. Click the video below to watch the entire session:

Slide Deck:

If you’d like to reach out to Bondilyn yourself, she left us her email: and her phone number: 504-813-9045. If you have any questions or would like additional information about items addressed in the session, please reach out directly to your Agent Advocate.

As the PRIME Webinar Series continues to develop additional sessions, we want to deliver content that has a high value to you. Please let your Agent Advocate or our PRIME Community Manager Shawn Smith ( know if there is a topic which you would like to have explored in a future session.

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